Neysa Lopez

Support Operations Manager

Neysa started her career in the IT industry with FTI Services in 2012, and has been honing her skills in the field ever since. Neysa is a proactive manager who is always looking for ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of her teams and their delivery of services. She is passionate about leveraging technology to drive business outcomes and improve customer satisfaction. Throughout her tenure, Neysa has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, guiding her teams to success through effective communication, collaboration, and mentorship. Her ability to inspire her team members and foster a positive work culture has led to increased productivity and employee engagement.

Neysa is a trusted advisor to senior leadership, providing expert guidance on strategy and resource allocation. Her ability to align IT initiatives with business goals has been instrumental in driving growth and innovation for the organizations she has served. She is a results-driven IT leader who is committed to delivering exceptional service and driving business value through technology.

In her spare time, Neysa enjoys trying new hobbies and spending time with her senior rescue dog.