Managed Security Services

FTI Services has a long history of helping businesses with various IT security needs, including comprehensive IT security audits and the implementation of new IT security products into existing business networks. FTI Services offers a number of security-based services to customers that streamline their commonly requested security needs.

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Vulnerability Management

Deploying corporate firewalls and host-based anti-virus products is just not sufficient anymore. Basic lines of defense are not enough to stop modern exploitation of the vulnerabilities that exist is every IT product, software and device. A typical mid-sized business can have thousands of vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure, and successful exploitation of existing vulnerabilities can give an attacker complete system control. FTI Services offers a comprehensive vulnerability scanning service that provides customers with actionable and understandable reports on existing exploitable weaknesses. Customers are also able to keep up to date with that latest vulnerabilities by performing scans and receiving reports on a recurring basis.

Email Phishing Campaigns

Email-based phishing remains a constant threat year after year. Hackers know that manipulating people into clicking links in emails is an effective way to compromise a corporate network. FTI Services can perform simulated email phishing campaigns so you can test your employees without the risk of a data breach or network intrusion, and report back on users who need additional training on security processes.

IT Security Awareness Training

FTI Services also provides IT security awareness training. FTI Services’ training presentations are tailored for the typical user and aren’t filled with industry jargon; they are based upon years of IT experience, and countless IT security post-mortem reports from other companies that learned the hard way. FTI Services covers topics that are specific to needs of the average user base that utilizes computers, smartphones, and the Internet to perform their daily duties, while customizing presentations with company-specific content.

Security Product Implementation

IT Security is a growing field and there are plenty of products to choose from to help your meet your organization’s security goals. When selecting or implementing solutions for encryption, web filtering, SSL proxy, federated or multi-factor authentication, data leak protection, or something more unique, consult FTI Services’ skilled team of engineers, who have a proven track record successfully implementing these technologies.

IT Security Audits

FTI Services has a long history of performing thorough IT security audits so that companies of all sizes can be assured that they are following industry best practices. FTI Services customizes each audit for every customer so that results are comprehensive and personalized. Our security audits will clearly define areas where improvement is needed so you can focus your efforts and budget where it’ll have the greatest positive impact.

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