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Why choose FTI Services for Cyber Risk Assessments?

Reduce your risk exposure by identifying gaps in your IT security.Assess your current cyber security strategy and adapt to changing cyber threats over time with routine check-ups.Identify proven security technologies that maximize protection without getting in the way of workflows.Develop a comprehensive incident response plan to respond effectively and minimize the impact of attacks.Reduce the risk of fines and audits by ensuring compliance with a wide range of standards.

Why choose FTI Services for Cyber Risk Assessments?


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Uncover and Strengthen Your IT Security

Experience our thorough security audits that delve deep into your IT infrastructure. By carefully examining every aspect of your systems and processes, we identify and resolve any potential vulnerabilities.

With a comprehensive understanding of your security posture, you can proactively safeguard your business against cyber threats, protecting your data and ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Cyber Risk Assessment

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats 24/7

Regular cyber risk assessments provide valuable insights to strengthen your defenses and make informed security decisions.

Partnering with FTI Services’ experts grants you access to seasoned professionals who offer a range of services, including discovery, analysis, vulnerability assessments, threat modeling, risk evaluation and prioritization, mitigation recommendations, and ongoing monitoring.

Trustworthy Cyber Security Experts

At FTI Services, we are committed to assisting SMBs like yours in combating cyber threats with our expertise.

Our team comprises technicians and engineers who hold industry-leading IT certifications, showcasing our deep knowledge and dedication to staying up-to-date with cybersecurity practices.

With a diverse skill set, we understand the complexities of modern cyber threats and can develop effective strategies to safeguard your business.

Cyber Risk Assessment Services
Cyber Risk Assessment

In-Depth Cyber Security Posture Reports

FTI Services offers a comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessment service that includes a detailed report. This report highlights assessment findings, identifies vulnerabilities, prioritizes risks, and provides recommended mitigation strategies.

By serving as a comprehensive guide, the report empowers you to strengthen cybersecurity defenses and enhance your overall risk management strategy.

Our team is available to discuss the report and address any questions, ensuring a clear understanding of the assessment results and necessary steps to fortify your security.



How frequently should I schedule a cyber risk assessment for my business?

We recommend scheduling a cyber risk assessment at least once a year to adhere to best practices and to ensure your business is equipped to handle evolving cyber threats. However, it is also important to consider scheduling assessments whenever significant changes occur in your IT infrastructure or business operations.

By conducting regular assessments, you can proactively identify vulnerabilities, adapt your defenses, and maintain a strong security posture. Our experienced team of experts will closely collaborate with you to determine the optimal assessment frequency based on industry standards, compliance requirements, and your risk tolerance.

How do your cyber risk assessments help me ensure regulatory compliance?

With our expertise in compliance regulations, FTI Services is your trusted partner in the cyber risk assessment process.

Our assessments meticulously evaluate your IT systems to ensure adherence to key compliance requirements, identifying any areas that need attention to maintain regulatory compliance.

Whether it's industry-specific regulations like HIPAA or broader data protection standards such as GDPR, our team will provide tailored recommendations and guidance to align your IT infrastructure and practices with the necessary compliance standards.

How long does a cyber risk assessment typically take?

The duration of a cyber risk assessment can vary depending on the size and complexity of your IT infrastructure.

On average, the assessment process typically takes a few weeks to conduct a thorough evaluation, perform vulnerability assessments, and generate comprehensive recommendations.

Our primary objective is to deliver efficient results without compromising the quality of our assessment. We will collaborate closely with your team to minimize any disruptions and ensure a timely and effective assessment.

How frequently should I schedule a cyber risk assessment for optimal security?

To maintain optimal security, it is advisable to schedule cyber risk assessments regularly to protect your business from evolving threats.

The frequency of assessments may vary based on factors such as industry, organization size, and the complexity of your digital infrastructure.

At a minimum, an annual comprehensive cyber risk assessment is recommended. However, in rapidly changing technological landscapes, more frequent assessments, such as biannually or quarterly, may be necessary to ensure ongoing protection.

How can your cyber risk assessments support my regulatory compliance efforts?

Our cyber risk assessments extend beyond vulnerability detection, encompassing a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's regulatory compliance.

With expertise in the latest industry regulations, our assessors identify any gaps in your compliance efforts, ensuring alignment with regulatory mandates.

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