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Why choose us for municipal government managed IT services?

  • See far fewer IT issues and improved productivity with our IT services geared towards municipal governments
  • Get any sudden IT issues solved fast with 24/7 support and the majority of calls answered by a live agent
  • Ensure your data is safe as a vault with a certified cybersecurity IT partner on your side
  • Enjoy consistent ROI on your service arrangement with guaranteed SLAs and performance metrics
  • Gain valuable IT strategies and custom roadmaps with a dedicated IT consultant at your beck and call

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Complete Government Solutions

Fully or Co-Managed IT Services

Maximize productivity and performance while we handle your IT systems, reducing headaches and staying within budget.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Ensure data and system security with round-the-clock threat monitoring and remediation against cyberattacks, malware, and phishing.

Network Administration

Achieve a dependable network with 24/7 management and maintenance by certified technicians.

Remote Support

Experience fast IT issue resolution and professional support 24/7, tailored to understand your specific IT needs.

On-Site Support

Get rapid on-site support from local experts for cabling, patching, office moves, and beyond.

Cloud Services

Optimize operations with our agile cloud services, enhancing productivity while managing migrations, storage, and hosting costs.

IT Consulting

Align your technology with your mission through tailored consulting, providing actionable plans, strategies, insights, and long-term roadmaps.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keep your operations running smoothly with regular backups and secure, swift recovery, ensuring uninterrupted progress for your team.

Employee Security Training

Strengthen your first line of defense with regular security awareness training, empowering your team to effectively mitigate and minimize threats.

Certifications of Excellence for our IT Services

Government IT Services

Decrease IT Issues, Experience the Change

Imagine your agency optimizing time for vital initiatives and essential duties, enhancing public service and efficiency. Our specialized service, driven by expertise and dedication, is characterized by our proactive approach.

Instead of simply reacting, we actively prevent IT issues from escalating, safeguarding your operations. Through regular monthly tech evaluations and a commitment to excellence, we proactively monitor the health of your IT infrastructure.

This early detection of irregularities helps prevent them from becoming major crises, ensuring uninterrupted service to your citizens.

Boost Productivity, Enhance Operational Efficiency

Not just wishful thinking, this is a proven outcome we consistently deliver to our government clients.

Our wide range of comprehensive IT solutions actively revolutionize your government agency’s technological landscape, removing obstacles and enhancing overall functionality.

The result? A substantial and measurable increase in productivity and operational capability, propelling your department to new levels of efficiency and citizen satisfaction. Make your office more agile, responsive, and ready to address the evolving demands of public service.

Municipal Government Managed IT Services
Government IT Services

Round-the-Clock IT Support & Helpdesk

Imagine the peace of mind experienced by government agencies, knowing they have unwavering support during any IT emergency. Our helpdesk, staffed by dedicated professionals rather than impersonal bots, operates around the clock to meet the demands of public service.

But what truly sets us apart is our ability to address and resolve most challenges on the very first call. This isn’t just empty rhetoric – it’s backed by our proven track record of consistent performance.

With our support, governmental entities can rest assured, knowing that a skilled team is ever-vigilant and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Trustworthy Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an impenetrable security infrastructure safeguarding your data?

As a trusted IT partner and service provider, we provide you with enhanced peace of mind. Our dedication to protecting your data goes beyond mere promises – it is reflected in our implementation of industry-leading security measures.

Get ready for an unparalleled security upgrade that strengthens the protection of your data and upholds its integrity.

Government IT Services

FAQs About our Municipal Government Managed IT Services

What are the benefits of managed IT services for government offices?

Government IT Services or municipal government managed IT services offer significant benefits in streamlining operations and reducing IT issues for government offices.

With a proactive approach to IT management, these services boost productivity and efficiency, ensuring smooth operations for your organization.

Additionally, our expert helpdesk is available 24/7, providing prompt assistance for urgent issues without any unnecessary delays.

Why should I choose FTI Services for my IT services?

Choose FTI Services as your trusted provider of Government IT Services. We lead the industry in IT services and cybersecurity, prioritizing the strictest data security protocols essential for government operations.

Benefit from our tailored service offerings and flexible contract durations, perfectly aligned with the specialized requirements of government departments and municipal entities. This showcases our adaptability and fosters a sense of trustworthiness in our partnership.

How responsive is FTI Services' helpdesk?

FTI Services' helpdesk, specifically designed for government agencies, is known for its exceptional responsiveness. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, staffed by experienced IT experts who address most concerns immediately upon the initial call.

When you reach out to us, you'll interact directly with knowledgeable professionals equipped with effective solutions, ensuring swift resolution and uninterrupted operations for your department.

Does FTI Services help with improving productivity?

Government IT Services or municipal government managed IT services provided by FTI Services empower government agencies, regardless of their size, to boost productivity and enhance service delivery to their constituents.

Our experienced team addresses recurring IT challenges, eliminating technical inefficiencies and implementing tailored IT systems that align seamlessly with your department's unique objectives and demands.

What kind of security does FTI Services provide?

As a leading provider of Government IT Services or municipal government managed IT services, FTI Services prioritizes top-notch cybersecurity.

Our advanced security systems and procedures guarantee the protection of your data, ensuring the security and compliance of your operations.

With our comprehensive disaster recovery and continuity solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're protected against potential cyber threats and their impact on your organization.

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