The Ultimate Managed IT Pricing Guide for Small Businesses

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Whether you’re an ambitious startup aiming to turbocharge your business operations, or an established enterprise eager to upgrade your technology prowess, cracking the code of managed IT services pricing is crucial.

This fusion of top-tier professional expertise, cutting-edge tech solutions, and sheer cost-efficiency is what’s driving the growing appeal of managed IT services.

So, let’s get our hands dirty and delve into this realm to nail down just how much managed IT services cost.


What are Managed IT Services, Exactly?

Picture managed IT services as a third-party entity taking the reins of your IT infrastructure. We’re talking network management, data protection, cloud services – the works.

Essentially, you’re delegating your IT demands to a squad of specialists who deal with everything remotely. It’s a savvy move for firms aiming for rock-solid IT solutions, minus the hefty bill of maintaining a dedicated in-house IT unit.

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What are Managed IT Service Rates Usually Based on?

Working out managed IT pricing is akin to solving a jigsaw puzzle – several key pieces need to fit.

First up, your enterprise’s size is a big player. Larger institutions with intricate requirements will typically foot a heftier bill. Then, the spectrum of services you require impacts pricing – are you after the full monty, or do you need specific areas like cybersecurity or cloud management?

What’s more, the complexity of your IT landscape and the level of expertise needed to manage IT carry weight. If your business operates in a unique sector that calls for custom software, your managed IT services rates may be loftier.

Lastly, the degree of support you require sways pricing – round-the-clock assistance will cost a pretty penny compared to a more vanilla support plan.


The Different Types of Managed IT Services Pricing (and Their Average Costs for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses)

The managed IT services price list is as diverse as the providers and the structures they adopt. Here’s a snapshot of common pricing structures:

  1. Per Device Pricing: With this model, you shell out a flat rate for each device under management. It’s transparent and consistent, letting you steer your budget with ease. Average costs oscillate between $25 to $50 per device monthly.
  2. Per User Pricing: This covers all devices wielded by each user, offering a full-spectrum solution. Usually, you’re looking at anything from $125 to $200 per user per month.

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  1. Tiered Pricing: Tiered pricing showcases an array of service levels at distinct price points. The higher you climb the tier, the more services you net. These packages can span from $100 to $150 per user per month, contingent on the tier.
  2. All-Inclusive Pricing: This option serves up unlimited IT services for a set monthly fee. While this model might appear pricier at first glance, the exhaustive support can be a steal for businesses with wide-ranging IT needs. Costs typically kick off at $150 per user per month and can scale depending on the complexity and breadth of services.


What is a Managed IT Services ROI Calculator and Do I Need One?

Think of a managed IT services calculator as your secret weapon. It equips you with a clear-cut picture of the potential returns from your managed IT services investment. This tool takes into account facets like time savings, enhanced productivity, slashed downtime, and potential cost savings compared to maintaining an internal team.

By getting a handle on your return on investment, you’re empowered to make sharp decisions and harmonize your IT strategy with your business goals. It’s a godsend for those scratching their heads over whether the managed IT services rates they’re mulling over are a solid bet.

Managed IT Pricing


Explore a Comprehensive Managed IT Services Price List with FTI Services

At FTI Services, we dish out a transparent and exhaustive managed IT services price list. We acknowledge that each business is its own animal. Hence, we fine-tune our services to suit your unique needs and offer flexible pricing arrangements that fit your budget like a glove.

Our managed IT costs provide a bang for your buck, considering the comprehensive array of services and top-drawer expertise we bring to the table.

In conclusion, getting a precise fix on the cost of managed IT services involves discerning your business needs and matching them with the apt pricing model. By wrapping your head around the disparate structures and the factors influencing pricing, you’re in the driver’s seat to make an educated investment call.

Don’t forget, throwing your lot in with managed IT services isn’t just about slashing costs – it’s about bolstering your IT infrastructure, fortifying your security, and readying your capabilities for the future. The value stretches beyond the sticker price.

Don’t just ponder over how much managed IT services cost, but also mull over the value it injects into your business in the long haul.

Why not learn more about how we structure our managed IT services by contacting us today!