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Why choose FTI Services for managed IT services in Brentwood?

  • Enhance computer problem-solving with dependable IT services in Brentwood that achieve 94% first-call resolution.
  • Defend your business and its data from the latest threats with 24/7 monitoring, patching, and more.
  • Outsource your IT support and helpdesk confidently with our NetCARE managed IT services packages.
  • Get insight into IT performance with regular reporting that covers system health and service call information.
  • Make informed technology decisions with professional consulting services that improve planning and budgeting.

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Achieve a high first-call issue resolution rate with our IT services in Brentwood.

Unlock the Power of Reliable Brentwood Managed Services

Managed IT Services

Transform your IT management, boost productivity, and streamline operations with our specialized managed services in Brentwood.

Cloud Services

Supercharge your digital transformation with comprehensive cloud services, including migration support, disaster recovery, and managed data backup in Brentwood.


Safeguard your business against evolving cyber threats with round-the-clock monitoring, comprehensive security training, and proactive patch management in Brentwood.

IT Support

Eliminate recurring technical issues with proactive IT support in Brentwood, achieving over 94% first-call resolution.

IT Helpdesk

Empower your users with unlimited remote and on-site helpdesk support in Brentwood, provided by experienced senior technicians.

Network Support

Enhance network reliability and resilience with comprehensive support services in Brentwood, including real-time monitoring, maintenance, and robust security measures.

IT Consulting

Set your business up for success with a strategic technology roadmap, budgeting assistance, and expert advice from our experienced IT consultants in Brentwood.

IT Integration

Achieve seamless IT integration with comprehensive support services, including server management, backup and disaster recovery, procurement, and forensic support in Brentwood.

IT Outsourcing

Relieve the burden of managing critical IT tasks with our trusted NetCARE managed services agreements in Brentwood. Experience peace of mind.


Managed IT in Brentwood

Reliable Brentwood IT Solutions You Can Trust

When it comes to solving computer problems, relying on multiple managed services providers can lead to escalating costs, inconsistent advice, and inadequate support. At FTI Services, we understand the frustrations this can cause. That’s why we offer our comprehensive NetCARE managed IT services as your single source solution in Brentwood.

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service while providing a full suite of IT services. This includes rapid IT support services, on-site and remote assistance, managed cybersecurity services, professional IT consulting, a helpdesk staffed by senior technicians, proactive real-time monitoring, and much more.

Enhance Cybersecurity with Powerful Managed Services

The evolving cyber threat landscape is causing businesses in Brentwood to reassess their security strategies. As part of our comprehensive managed IT services, we offer reliable managed security solutions to fortify your digital defenses. Our services encompass intrusion detection, patch management, cybersecurity audits, network security services, vulnerability management, security product implementation, simulated email phishing campaigns, and security awareness training for your staff. Trust FTI as your managed services provider in Brentwood, and discover why our clients have experienced a remarkable 66% decrease in malicious email click-throughs after implementing our security training.

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Brentwood Managed IT

Harness the Power of Complete Cloud Solutions

In the fast-paced business environment of Brentwood, cloud solutions are becoming increasingly vital for agility and scalability. Our managed IT services in Brentwood are specifically designed to facilitate a seamless transition to the cloud, enabling your business to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. We offer a comprehensive range of cloud services that include seamless data migration, cloud-based backup and recovery solutions, scalable resources tailored to your business needs, expert guidance on cloud strategy and implementation, and training sessions to maximize the benefits of your cloud infrastructure.

Future-proof Your Business with Strategic IT Consulting

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, finding a trusted partner who understands your business’s unique needs is crucial. Our IT consulting services in Brentwood are specifically designed to offer strategic insights and guidance, empowering you to make well-informed decisions that drive business growth. With our consulting services, you can expect customized technology roadmaps, expert advice on IT infrastructure and strategy, budget planning and optimization, risk assessment and management, as well as training and workshops to enhance your team’s tech-savviness.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Managed IT Services

What types of packages do you offer for your managed IT services in Brentwood?

As a leading provider of managed IT services in Brentwood, we understand the importance of offering flexibility to our clients. That's why we have designed two distinct packages, NetCARE Basic and NetCARE Priority, to cater to different needs.

NetCARE Basic is perfect for businesses looking to enhance their internal IT capabilities with access to our tools, monitoring, and patching services. On the other hand, NetCARE Priority provides comprehensive IT support for all users, servers, and network equipment at a convenient flat rate. Additionally, we offer various add-ons, including recurring on-site support, to further tailor the package to your specific requirements.

What kinds of guarantees do you offer for your Brentwood IT services?

At FTI, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to your business through our comprehensive suite of managed IT services in Brentwood. We stand behind our services and offer several guarantees to ensure your satisfaction. These guarantees include short-term contracts, ensuring flexibility for your business needs. Additionally, we provide a swift one-hour remote response time and a prompt four-hour on-site response time during normal business hours. With our commitments and guarantees, you can trust us to prioritize your IT needs and deliver reliable solutions.

How much visibility will I have into the performance of my IT managed services in Brentwood?

As a trusted provider of managed IT services in Brentwood, we prioritize delivering outstanding customer service and support. To maintain this standard, we offer comprehensive system reporting to provide you with visibility into the performance of your IT infrastructure.

Our detailed reports cover crucial aspects such as system health, service call information, and recommendations for IT improvements. By reviewing these reports, we not only hold ourselves accountable but also ensure that our managed IT services are delivering tangible value and aligning with your business goals. With our commitment to transparency, you can have confidence in the performance and effectiveness of our services.

How much can I expect to pay for managed IT services in Brentwood?

The cost of managed IT services in Brentwood can vary based on several factors, including the size of your business, the complexity of your IT challenges, and the specific services required to address those challenges. To provide you with an accurate estimate, we offer a free consultation where we can better understand your unique requirements. During this consultation, we will work closely with you to assess your needs and provide a tailored quote that aligns with your budget and objectives. Get in touch with us today to discuss your IT needs and receive a personalized cost estimate.

What will my Brentwood managed services provider do for my business?

Your Brentwood managed services provider aims to resolve and remediate any IT management issues that may be impacting your business performance. As a trusted IT partner, we offer a comprehensive range of managed IT services designed to meet your unique needs. Our offerings include proactive IT support, IT integration services, reliable network support, managed security services, professional IT consulting services, 24/7 helpdesk support from senior technicians, and more. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your information technology needs are fully covered, allowing you to optimize your infrastructure performance and focus on driving business success.

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