• Overall, how satisfied are you with the service provided?
    1. 100 on a scale of "Not Satisfied" (0) to "Very Satisfied" (100).
  • Did your issue get resolved in a timely manner?
    1. My issue was resolved the same day.
  • Did you feel that the technician was knowledgeable?
    1. 100 on a scale of "Not Knowledgeable" (0) to "Very Knowledgeable" (100).
  • Was the technician you worked with courteous and respectful?
    1. Yes.
  • Optionally, add any additional comments regarding the service you received?
    1. One of our few remaining contracts that FTI was not managing did not get renewed and we lost our email certificate. We discovered the problem when email stopped being delivered and errors popped up on our machines. I am so happy that FTI took over untangling the mess. FTI is now managing this contract as well.

Rick C., Apr. 11, 2018