1. Overall, how satisfied are you with the service provided?
    1. 98 on a scale of "Not Satisfied" (0) to "Very Satisfied" (100).
  2. Did your issue get resolved in a timely manner?
    1. My issue was resolved in less than four hours.
  3. Did you feel that the technician was knowledgeable?
    1. 97 on a scale of "Not Knowledgeable" (0) to "Very Knowledgeable" (100).
  4. Was the technician you worked with courteous and respectful?
    1. Yes. - Courteous even when I did not hear him ask me a question...and he waited 🙂
  5. Optionally, add any additional comments regarding the service you received?
    1. Great service, back to working off 2 screens instead of limping by on only one. Thank you.
Denise Y., June 14, 2016